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Snow White And The 5 Deers

One  cold evening in DontGoBack Drive a little girl was born. ‘What should we name her?’’ the girls father asked. ‘’Hmm, Her face is white as snow’’ Said her mum admiring her daughter. ‘Let’s name her White Snow’’ The dad said. ‘’Yes! That's a fantastic name’’ The girls mother said. ‘Or even Snow White!’’ she said. ‘’White Snow or Snow White?’’ he asked. ‘there is one person I think we will need to ask, Tivi the witch of Revenge’’ The mum said. ‘’But isn’t she a witch. Evil’’ The dad said. ‘No, Yes but still she helped me get my job, and let me study, Without her I wouldn’t know where I’d be, In the rubbish Bins, She got me and raised me to become who I am now’ The mum said. ‘Wait, But wouldn’t she forget you? Its been about 20 years since she left you to figure your life’’ the dad said. ‘It has been a while, but she will, I was like a daughter to her and I must tell her the news, she will be proud.’’ the mother said. ‘Um, okay, but If it doesn't go as planned do not blame me cause I am just telling’’ the dad confirmed. They both walked towards the Witches tower clinging their daughter to their shoulder. ‘’Um, guess we are here’’ The dad said. ‘’Um, I will knock’’ the mum said. ‘knock knock knock’ ‘’Who is it’’ a low voice said. ‘’Um, Anne, Madam’’ The mum said. ‘’Who dares enters my house! I will cast a spell on yours tiny... thingy that's, um on your arm and on that's 16th birthday it will be pricked by a needle and will sleep forever!’’ The witch said. ‘’No, No, Majesty Tivi, You remember me? Anne, you got me when my mother vanished’’ The mum said. ‘’You will now leave! Leave forever!’’ yelled the Witch. ‘’Hmm, Guess who’s right again’’ the dad said. ‘Oh! I can not let this happen!’’ The mum yelled. ‘’If Tivi plans something, she will never give up! We must not let our daughter ever feel pain! We must send her to the woods and the deer's, Rabbits and birds will help her! Lets send her’’ The mum said. ‘Fine with me’’ the dad said. ‘’Okay’’ The lady said and threw her daughter into the woods and left.

 The baby cried willing her mum and dad will come but they never came. That night the baby was very sleepy and slept dreaming of her parents. ‘‘Look! Whats that? Is it a human?’’ The father deer said. ‘’Yes, I think it is, it has no parents’’ The mother deer said. The baby cried and cried. The birds woke up. ‘’Oh no! Lets help that child!’’ the parrot said. ‘’Yes’’ The green budgie said. They deer's rushed to help the baby so did the birds. The 2 deer's pushed the baby on the other deer's back and the birds and rabbits made a den for the kid to sleep in. ‘We will take care of this’’ The deer said. ‘’Okay, thanks’’ The rabbits said. ‘’Okay. we Will visit’’ the birds said. ‘’Look, The kid looks so white and doesn't even have a hint of tan,’’ The father deer said. ‘’Yes, Its so rotten! Looks like garbage! Nothing like our children’’ the mother deer said, ‘Lets call her Garbage White ’’ the father deer said. The mum agreed. ‘What's that?’’ Asked Wonderful the oldest child. ‘’Yea?’’ said Beauty the 2nd oldest. ‘Is that our new flat mate?’ Asked Gorgeous the Youngest child. ‘Yep its your new flat mate’’ the male deer laughed.

 The 5 deer's took great care of Garbage White and treated her like their own child. When she was13, she started helping in the forest. Her roll was to clean the forest. Even though nobody wanted to do it before, but when she did the jobs she sang and dance, soon most people happily volunteered to help. She was now 15, Her birthday was coming in 3 days. She was very happy with her life their and there was no worry for her.

 Snow White’s parents lived in misery ever since they lost their child. Her dad lost his job. Her mum became lazy. All they did was ask each other ‘’How do you think Snow White is doing?’’ They’d ask. ‘’Fine’’ The other will say. All they wanted was a good future for thee child. One day a letter came. Snow White’s dad opened it. This was the first ever letter they got in 7 years.

 20/8/13 22
 Fine Valley road

 To Anne and Jarred

 We, The Red Fox club thank you for your support in donating in the annual RedFox day competition and would like to congratulate you for getting 3rd place in The RedFox Running comp. Here you will be given a chance of a lifetime. 1 Million dollars will be at your doorstep at 23/8/13. We thank you for your help and hop to see you soon. 



 ‘’Oh! Did you see that! We got 1 million bucks!’’ Snow white;s Dad Yelled. ‘’Wooo!’’ Anna yelled. They soon moved out of there flat to a 6 bedroom house with a massive pool. They were soon living in paradise! Anna and Jarred cared less and less about Snow White and on day, they didn’t even know who she was.

 As for Snow White she lived in joy with her family, Peace the female deer, Faith the Male deer and their 3 children Wonderful, Georges and Beauty. Snow white became family to the deer's. One day when snow white just woke up she saw a light. She felt so magical. She heard the sound of a horse trotter. Vines were getting cut, Who was there to see her? Snow white looked high and low. Soon a clearing came out. It was a human. Snow White had hardly remember the first time she saw a human. The human walked towards her and said, ‘’Who are you? ‘’ The human asked. ‘’Um, Glowing Garbage’’ Snow white said a she blushed. The human just laughed. He looked like he was the same age as her. ‘’Well I am Shay’’ He said. ‘’Um, So you like here, right?’’ he asked. ‘’Yes I do’’ She said. Finally some one knew that. ‘’Well, such a bad name for a very pretty girl’’ he said. ‘’Um, The dears chose it’’ she said. ‘’Dears? You know the deers’’ he exclaimed. ‘’Well not precisely, but yea, it um like. Magic’’ she said. ‘’Well where are the deer's? It’s been a log time since I have met them’’ he asked. ‘’I will go get them’’ Snow White said and ran to the Deer's. She told everything that happened. The deer's walked out side. ‘’Oh! You’re back!Its been a long time. Whats the name?’’ the female deer asked. ‘’I am Shay RedRick ’’ he laughed . ‘’Hmmm, Names these days are very unusual’’ the Female deer said. ‘’Dad? Whats going on?’’ Wonderful asked trotting along her siblings. ‘’Nothing much, You remember him, Right? He came when you were a little baby’’ the Dad deer said. Wonderful and her sibling smiled. ‘’Um, I wanted to ask, um, why does a human girl live with you?’’ He asked. ‘’When her parents dumped her here. We couldn’t leave her all alone, it was getting dark, Plus she grew up to be a very great child’’ The mum deer said. ‘’Don’t you wish she could explore the town? Make new friends, get a job, I can show her around and I will give her back to you’’ he said ‘’Well we have known you and your father for a long time, Garbage? Would you like to go, Explore your true home? The deer's asked. ‘’Well, you know them, I’ll just go’’ Glowing garbage said. ‘’Okay, up to you’’ The deer's said. The three baby deer's said bye, they all hugged and left snow white to go to Shay. Snow White has never seen any humans and was a bit nervous seeing one. ‘’Um, Where do you want to go?’’ he asked, ‘’Um, I, Um, the place where humans live’’’ she said. ‘’Um, Humans live around all places all around the country’’ He said. ‘’Um, a human you know’’ She said. ‘’Um, I live with my dad, RedRickRonny, That's his stage name, I call him dad or RedRick or RedRonney or RickRonney or..’’ he said while Snow white was laughing really hard. ‘’So take me there’’ she said. ‘’Kay’’ he said and they both trotted of.

 For her parents they were chatting to RedRickRonny about the new comp. ‘’Hi dad’’ Shay said with Snow White. ‘’Oh! Who is this?’’ RedRickRonny asked. ‘’Um, Remember those deer's you helped? Those deer's took care of her and told me to take her out here for a while’’ he said. ‘’Wow! She is so beautiful! Skin as white as snow! Big blue eyes, Just like our snow white’’ Snow white’s mother said then started sob. ‘’Oh, Are you alright? ‘’ Snow White asked her mother. ‘’yes! Now I know! She was from the forest right? And how old are you? ‘’ she asked. ‘’Um, 17’’ Snow white said. ‘’According to my calculations our daughter must be 17 too! ‘’’ The dad yelled. ‘’You are our daughter!’’ the said hugging her. ‘’Woop! ‘’ Shay grumbled. ‘’So, Y-YOU ARE MY P-P-PARENTS! ‘’ Snow white yelled. ‘’Yes! !Yes! yes!’’ They all yelled and hugged each other tightly. ‘’Oh! Snow white! Tivi’s spell didn’t work! Snow White PLEASE STAY HERE WITH US! We beg you our long lost child!’’’ The dad said. ‘’But I must go tell the deer's and Wonderful, Beauty and Gorgues’’ Snow white said. ‘’Go Snow white and show us these amazing deer's who took care of you!’’ The Mum exclaimed. ‘’Who’s snow white? ‘’ Snow white asked. ‘’you! You! What did they call you there!’’ exclaimed the mum. ‘’Glowing Garbage, the kids called me Glee Glee sometimes’’ Snow White said blushing. ‘’Oh! What a dreadful name! But we must go to thank these deer's get the presents’’ The Dad said. ‘’kay, I will take you guys their and soon maybe snow white can come with me to town, go shopping maybe’’ he whispered and got his horse and went. When they reached the forest snow white showed her parents her home and introduced them to the deer's and their children. ‘’Please take whatever you need you have given us more than what we wished for’’ the Mum said. ‘’NO,NO! You have already gave us your child to stay with us for years and years and that's the best gift of all but one thing you could do is let her visited every week?’’ the Dee rs asked. ‘’Yes! Yes! More like daily!’’ the mum said and thanked them and they went to their home. ‘’Lets go to the mall’’ shay said and they went. Soon they lived happily ever after.

The End. Told by Wonderful the deer, retold by P.L

Friday, 29 November 2013

Foods I don't like:

Foods I Dont Like: - brussel sprouts - chillie - Peppper - Pepperoni - eskimo lollies - bananas - cheesecake - dumpling - lemon - lime - watermelon - radish - Spinach - snails - Durian - crab - Wasabi - Mints

My Teacher Machine

I couldn’t believe I had a chance to make my perfect teacher! I looked towards to the magical teacher machine thinking of what i’d say. I started saying what wanted my ultimate teacher to be like. 

 ‘I would like my teacher to be an average height, not to short and not to tall. I want her to have long black smooth hair with a shade of brown and have emerald green eyes. She will be wearing a black shirt of glowing cat eyes and a grey leopard printed pants. She will be wearing long golden earrings in the shape of a three and wore lots of gold bangles on her hands. She will have black shoes with bright white laces and in her hands she will have a brown short-haired cat with glowing blue eyes with a black collar which said ... in gold and a green stone which looks like a real emerald. She will be patting her cat when I walk in and ask if I’d like to pat the cat.

 My Perfect teacher will have to be very kind, caring and thoughtful. I would like my teacher to be kind, for example, If I Don’t understand a writing strategy I would like her not to get angry and teach me again and go through the steps carefully and make sure I understand. My teacher machine will be a fun and happy teacher. 

 I would want her to have fun when she teaches and not get bored. I would want her to be funny and tell jokes and teach me lots of fun and y easy ways for me to learn. I would like her to teach me new ways of studying like instead of researching about a dog, bring a real dog for the day. I would like the teacher machine to do lots of fun things like art and music. I don’t want her to be too funny and happy and not worry about problems but to relax and be a great teacher to the students.

 Another quality I would want my teacher to have is to be very Encouraging and supportive. For example, If They put me for a level group and Its too hard I would want them to tell me that I can do it and support me if I make a mistake. And if I wrote some writing I would like them to give me lots of feedback of things I did well and things I need to improve on and support me with it. I want her to encourage me in a good way and not force me to do something I would not want to do. I want her to tell me ways that I can be more better at things like getting a faster time for basic facts or ways I could use wicked words.’

  'My teacher machine will be understanding and trustful. I would want her to understand me and be someone I can trust when I need to tell something. For example if I see somebody Stealing something I would want the the teacher to understand me and trust that I am telling the truth. I want my Teacher machine to be thoughtful and think about if something is easy or hard and help me if its too hard for me.'

'I would also want her to be caring and care for me and not ignore me. I would want a kind, caring and helpful teacher. I would like her to love wild animals. I would want her job to be a wild animal researcher and a teacher and go on lots of journeys with animals and tell the class about her latest discoveries and share her understanding about animals to me.' 

I would want her to teach lots of things about animals and never do anything bad to animals. I want her to have 2 cats and to dogs. Now I have told what I want my perfect teacher to be like, Trusting, Fun, Creative, Challenging, Interesting and thoughtful. I wonder how the year will be? 

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Yellowfang's secret

Jayden And Isaac Drive Time (Bear Grylls)

World History

Today we're going to learn about:

The Mughal Empire
The Slave Trade

The Mughal Empire
This Empire ruled India for nearly 200 years. It started in 1526 by a King named "Babur". Later on he left it in the Hands of his Grandson "Akbar" He was only 13 years old! Akbar ruled only until 1605. After he gave the Kingdom to his Son "Jahangir". When he was old enough to give the Kingdom to someone else in his family, He gave it to " Shah Jahan". Shah Jahan loved art and its work.  He also built the " Taj Mahal" in his wife's memory.

The Slave Trade

There is a lot of History of Slavery in Africa. in the 1500s, Most Slaves were prisoners of war. Some were sold to Arab traders. People used to trap them and make them work day and night. They also used to wear heavy stone spikes on their necks.

I am going to talk to you about something you do not know about me.

Hi it’s Holly here,  today I am going to talk to you about something you do not know  about me.

It started on my first week of school at Summerland we were doing work inside class when one of my friends asked to go to the toilet and I had to go to so I asked to go to the toilet too the teacher said yes so me and my friend went into the toilets then my other friends started to come in to the toilet too. I asked them what   are you doing here they said that they needed to  go to the toilet too. So I said ok, just as I was walking into the door to the toilet my friend said right your name on this paper. What I didnt rearlize was that the pen was a vivid. I was leaning on the wall after I had wrote my name I gave the paper back to the girl and she said look Holly wrote her name on the wall. I got in trouble and had to sit outside the office, I didnt not get in troublel by mum because she knew that it was just my first week of school. And I was only 5 years old.



SLAM! the door went as I rushed outside to find the most amazing sight. The birds singing, the flowers blooming. I blew my bubbles, emptying the container as I blew the biggest bubble ever... It was HUGE! It was the size of me. What would you do if you saw a bubble as big as you? I don't know about you ... but I would jump in!

So I did! It was really fun.  At last the bubble rose off the ground taking me with it! I was terrified, I just thought maybe I shouldn't of hopped into the bubble in the first place. "Ohh" I sighed I will never ever see my family again. By then I looked all around, it was calm and misty and it all seemed mysterious then POP! AAAGH! I was already falling through the clouds smack! smack! smack! I was continuing to smack my face across the leaves as if it was slowing me down then thump! on to the cold hard ground.

It was lonely? I heard a really strange sound, it sounded like this "hub glub lub lub." I took a closer look it was a tribe of short elves. It sounded like they were saying "hup two three four" or something. I took a step back so they wouldn't see me but it was too late they saw me they ran over and started pointing at me and saying some weird words like "oga oga boo boo!" They bumped me up on a chair that looked really fancy. It's almost like they were making me their king or something? But I had to face the facts I was alone and cold.

So I had to let them take me. It took really long to get to get there but there it was the biggest palace I've ever seen! It was made out of gold and silver! The bathroom, the kitchen and even the throne... the throne was gold carved with silver. The front door had a sigh saying THE BSG PALACE it meant the bronze silver gold palace. The cups you drank out of were bronze, the the table was bronze... You name it.. everything was either bronze, silver or gold.

Finally once having a tour around the palace, they dropped me off in the throne room then sat me down in the golden throne. They took a step back and looked at me strangely then one of them took a step forward and placed a bronze, silver and gold crown on my head. Then there was a silence it was a very long silence then they started to cheer and celebrate and from then on I knew I was the king of the bronze silver gold palace.